Permata Hati

Corporate Communication of Permata Bank create Permata Hati social media account to socialize the program.

Permata Bank has various CSR programs that have a different objective within one umbrella goal. All the activity and impact, execute on the offline event as digital crafting a story to gain exposure


  • Increase awareness of Permata Hati program


  • • We use instagram story to share live report about program that running on that day, the concept of live report we create like how a news anchor share some news on outdoor location. Live, capture the moment, the euphoria and also do some interview with people who participate on the program. Beside that we also invite feedback from user by using some of Instagram story feature like "ask me question", polling etc.
  • • We use Facebook and Instagram feed to share deep information about the program start from story behind why Permata Bank create the program, how the program what the objective that they want to achieve.


  • • Increasing Engagement Rate from AVG 1% to 9% organically
  • • Gains more than 1,000 followers in Instagram in the last 5 months organically
  • • Start getting a question about, how can I be an EVO (one of the programs that allow a volunteer to participate)


  • Retainer: KOL Management