KAO (Life Academy)

Kirei lifestyle is one of purpose that KAO Indonesia wants to achieve, means living beautiful life inside and out. To achieve that purpose, we create Kao Life Academy as an edutainment content hub website for Indonesian family. We believe that the attempt to get beautiful life inside and out starts from loving yourself and surround. With our website, we serve contents and tools to assist the end-to-end journey of audience to start loving themselves as a whole.


We set the goals for Kao Life Academy to achieve one of the purpose Kao Indonesia, by:

  • Be a partner of family's self love journey and strengthen positioning of KAO as a brand that focus on innovation and consumers' needs
  • Strengthen the concept of KAO contribution to society by driving collaborative contribution from audiences

With these goals, hopefully our audience will got their beautiful life inside and outside.


To successfully execute the goals we set, we create 3 big pillars to complete the whole self love journey:

  • Love Your Body as they need to love themselves not only by their appearance but also by their healthiness
  • Love Your Mind as they need to start caring about their mental health to begin their self love journey
  • Love Others as they reconnect to their surrounds and loved ones to know themselves more

Moreover, supported by the tools that we create to support them to figure out more about themselves, also supported by our contents, insightful podcast and "Kao Future City" loyalty. program to complete their journey


As a beginning result of Kao Life Academy introduction, to reach a larger audience and gain more impression, we managed to:

  • Maintain good bounce rate number by 49% with more than 5 minutes average session duration
  • 200% Traffic incremental by the latest anniversary project
  • Got +30,000 loyalty points within 2 weeks campaign
  • Successfully gained credibility by collaborate with 4 experts and 2 Key Opinion Leaders on our podcast episodes

All of our result still in line with our goals to make Kao Life Academy as a partner to our audience self love journey and make us become a better human being as a whole.


  • Production: Content Article SEO Ready
  • Retainer: Expert Management
  • Retainer: KOL Management
  • Strategy & Consultation
  • Production: Website
  • Retainer: Website (Content, Moderator, Technical, etc)
  • Production: Multimedia
  • Retainer: Report & Performance Analysis

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