OBH Combi

Continuing 2018's main communication "Kalahkan Batas" or "Beat the Limit", OBH Combi's social media keep promoting the message through series of content and activity. We also keep enhancing the brand's asset portofolio by creating an engaging video tap to the moment like Mother's Day. With the creative approach, we keep maintaining the engagement rate upto average 20% monthly. And using the social media platform, this year we also create an activity to gain insight and CRM data.


  • • Build awareness for the product and the message of Beat The Limit
  • • Motivate the consumer to beat their limit through the content and conversation build on the social media


  • Create a relevant and creative multimedia content on the social media related the main communication message Focussing on gaining insight and encouraging the consumer through the content that we provide


  • Average of 20% monthly ER. 1400 activity participant to gathering insight and data for CRM.


  • Production: Content Article SEO Ready
  • Production: Content Photoshoot
  • Production: Website
  • Retainer: Campaign & Activity Management
  • Retainer: Social Media
  • Retainer: Website (Content, Moderator, Technical, etc)
  • Strategy & Consultation
  • Media: Production (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Tiktok, etc)
  • Retainer: Report & Performance Analysis
  • Production: Campaign Microsite