No Worry To Explore Any Kind Of Culinary

Indonesia is rich with exotic yet tasty culinary and we want to give a feel of comfort to our TA that they can eat all foods without worry about stomach problem such as diarrhoea. We are teaming up with the late Bondan Winarno, Diatabs' Brand Ambassador, we travelled to Padang, Sumatera Barat - one of the best food in Indonesia to enjoy its local culinary. We invited our digital activity winner to enjoy their favourite Padang cuisine along with our Brand Ambassador.


  • Inspired with our Padang Culinary trip and product efficacy


  • • Push our video audience through youtube and FB video
  • • Digital activity to boost awareness about our Jelajah Kuliner campaign
  • • Push awareness through content ad


  • More than 27 thousand video views with 35.4% retention


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  • Production: Content Photoshoot
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