Never to Lavish

Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia with a population of over 270 million people. The country is rapidly adopting digital technologies, and as a result, e-commerce is becoming more prevalent. However, trust in online transactions remains a significant issue in the country.

There are several reasons why trust in online transactions is a challenge in Indonesia, particularly in the automobile industry. One of the primary reasons is the prevalence of scams and fraud in the market. In the past, many online sellers have been known to advertise vehicles that do not exist, misrepresent the condition of the vehicle, or refuse to deliver the car after receiving payment.

As a result, OLX Autos has recognized this challenge as an opportunity to enhance their brand positioning. The company believes that building trust and credibility is crucial to gaining the confidence of potential customers.


our aim is to create an interaction that increase accountability and raise awareness of our platform as a safe and trustworthy space for buying and selling used cars. Our approach is geared towards broadening our exposure and forming a bond with our target audience, thereby encouraging them to engage and become an active part of our trustworthy community.


OLX Autos launched the "OLX Autos X Never Too Lavish" campaign to establish trust and credibility for their platform. The campaign focused on building a connection with their target audience by collaborating with a popular automotive modification community in Indonesia named Never to Lavish. The goal of the campaign was to encourage the audience to create cool exterior modifications for their cars, and then invite them to buy the car by submitting a price offer through the microsite. By doing this, OLX Autos aimed to increase trust among their target audience and position themselves as a reliable marketplace for automotive transactions.


The aim of our campaign was to create a powerful impact and reach a wider audience through digital channels to effectively communicate our unique selling point. We were successful in achieving this goal, as evidenced by the microsite receiving over 5,000 visits from potential buyers interested in purchasing the special 'Never Too Lavish' edition used car.

In addition to the campaign's quantitative success, it also helped build trust among potential buyers and sellers, positioning 'OLX Autos' as a reliable and trustworthy automotive marketplace in Indonesia. This increased awareness of our brand and helped us to establish ourselves as a leading player in the market.


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