We recognized the issue of low trust in online automobile transactions in Indonesia and saw it as both a challenge and an opportunity to improve the brand positioning of OLX Autos. To build trust, we aim to create engaging in-person interactions that increase accountability and raise awareness of our platform as a safe and trustworthy space for buying and selling used cars. This approach broadens our exposure and helps to form a bond with our target audience, encouraging them to engage and become a part of our trustworthy community.


  • The objective of the "Modif Pasti OLX Autos" campaign was to connect with and engage the target audience of automotive enthusiasts, establish trust and credibility for the OLX Autos platform, and increase awareness of the campaign and events through online and offline efforts. This was achieved through O2O activities, partnerships, and collaborations with leading automotive communities and customization design companies, as well as utilizing mobile channels and social media for increased exposure. The end goal was to establish OLX Autos as a reliable automotive marketplace.


  • Modif Pasti OLX Autos" campaign was to establish trust and credibility for the OLX Autos platform. The campaign aimed to connect with the target audience through a combination of offline and online efforts, including mall-to-mall events and a custom die-cast design challenge. The touch screen booths and website served as an information hub, and the campaign was supported by partnerships with an automotive community and a customization design company, NTL, and exposure through mobile channels and social media. The campaign aimed to increase trust among the target audience and position OLX Autos as a reliable automotive marketplace.
  • To successfully execute the event we divided our strategy into three main focus area, that are:
  • - Awareness, As part of OLX Autos' 2nd anniversary, we held a city-by-city road show, with 30% of the overall budget going to mobile creative and placement. ‘Modif Pasti OLX Autos’ campaign distributed the budget for KOL collaboration, creating online content that are boosted by social media ads focusing on Instagram and Tiktok, and closing the journey in the website page.
  • - Engagement, The mobile execution helped us to spread awareness about our event and drive visitors to the event who were interested in meeting die-cast enthusiasts that would discuss the campaign in talk show sessions. This activity aims to increase visitors to our offline event while also increasing audience engagement with the brand.
  • - Conversion, We received many custom designs from participants, demonstrating that we were successful in attracting the designer community to join our campaign and become Instagram followers. It indicates that the participant was eager to participate in this activity and learn more information regarding OLX Autos.


  • Our goal for this engagement event is to make a strong impression and reach a larger audience through digital means in order to effectively communicate our unique selling point. We have been successful in doing so seen by:
  • - This has become a successful event with over 8,000 unique visitors to our microsite and more than 3,000 participation in this die-cast challenge.
  • - It also resulted in more than 2.9 million unique Instagram views.
  • - During activity, we gained around 14K new Instagram followers, which is 7X our monthly follower growth.
  • Apart from the quantitative success, this campaign also helped ‘OLX Autos’ to gain massive awareness and become trusted by potential buyers & sellers as one of automotive marketplace in Indonesia.


  • Production: Content Photoshoot
  • Retainer: Campaign & Activity Management
  • Retainer: KOL Management
  • Retainer: Report & Performance Analysis
  • Retainer: Social Media
  • Strategy & Consultation