Abbott Family Club (Magical Moment)

Abbott have to build a CRM based as the backbone of marketing strategy, but collecting clean DB was one of the challenges. Following our previous success in collecting clean DB, we build an even further strategy to gain the best DB that Abbott can get. A campaign called Magical Moment was chosen to get mother-with-kids' attention. The target was 20,000 data, but at the and of the competition we collected more than 50,000 data for 2 months of period.


20.000 data acquisition by submitting photos and by friend referral


  • Integrated and segmented media strategy 
  • Applying creative that relevant to our TA


Nearly 60 thousand DB in 2 months


  • Retainer: Campaign & Activity Management
  • Media: Production Materials
  • Strategy & Consultation
  • Production: Website
  • Retainer: Website (Content, Moderator, Technical, etc)

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