KOSE Cosmeport

KOSE Cosmeport has various hair and skincare lineup, each of the products has its own superiority. We want to educate the superiority of each product on one Kose account. Different angles and personalities align with the brand developed to create differences in all of our digital touchpoints. So, the audience will be easier to know, understand and learn about the product that they want to know.


  • • Numbers of awareness/reach
  • • Increase number of leads to sales


  • • We commit to creating a constant awareness through content, activity, and presence on a certain period to highlight one product and Utilize influencers for campaign and product promotion to gain maximum reach.
  • • Website as main digital experience, education and main hub about all details product information


  • • Month by month, comments who talk about the product are instantly increase
  • • Gain around 8,000 community member on Instagram in around 4 months


  • Retainer: KOL Management