Korean Week

The rise of Korean skincare has made it prevalent in Indonesia, with women incorporating the skincare routine into their daily lives while watching trending K-dramas. As a local skincare brand, Natur-E faces a challenge in riding this trend while still highlighting its unique selling point of skin care tailored to Indonesian women's skin and culture. To tap into the trend, Natur-E is launching a digital campaign that incorporates the theme of Korean culture and aims to acquire new users and raise awareness for the Natur-E White series variant. Through social media, e-commerce, and the brand's website, Natur-E actively engages its customers and builds its customer base through purchase and digital engagement.


  • The goal of Natur-E's digital activation campaign was to introduce their White series product variant and tap into the trend of Korean culture and provide a new experience for their audience. They aimed to engage the digital community, particularly Korean culture enthusiasts to increase product awareness and grow their customer base by maximizing digital assets, cross-channel remarketing, and executing various events


  • We aimed to tap into the Korean Wave trend in Indonesia by incorporating its theme into the Natur-E White series campaign. Through digital assets such as Natur-E's website, Instagram, and Youtube, we hosted a live webinar event during Natur-E Korean Week to provide 360-degree experiences for the audience. The event included a Lip Sync competition, Korean Movie Time, and a webinar about life in Korea, Korean dishes, and college application. The Natur-E White series campaign aimed to promote the brand as a trendy, local skin care option that understands Indonesian women's skin. Cross-channel remarketing campaigns using email newsletters and SMS blasts were used to invite existing members and maximize the audience.


  • The goal of this brand activation is to generate new users, brand awareness and product trial, specifically for the Natur-E White series variant. We managed the campaign successfully from a number based perspective and how this affects the brand and also customers in general.
  • Gamification Korean Week Wheel created traffic on our landing page and successfully attracted the attention of our audience more than we expected. We gained 5x new unique members compared to previous average.
  • During the Korean Week activation, we generate sales 2x higher than usual. The participants' enthusiasm can be seen in the social media engagement, website visitors activity, and number of submissions. Outside of the achievement in numbers, this also has create new audience for the brand itself


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