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BETADINE is an antiseptic product that is trusted by hospitals around the world for more than 50 years to prevent and treat infections.

With the innovation of its new product, BETADINE launches BETADINE Dry Powder Spray, which is an antiseptic that contains Povidone Iodine in the form of a spray, to facilitate usage when an accident occurs. BETADINE Dry Powder Spray comes with the hope of being an antiseptic of public trust as first aid if an accident occurs by using an easy and practical way.

To support the launching of BETADINE Dry Powder Spray, we've created awareness through gamification. One of our main goals is to have the product on daily basis, so we build the game on how to mixing and matching on everyday stuff that we bring in our bag depends on our activity, of course with BETADINE along with it.


  • The main objective is to build a behavior of always be prepared to bring an antiseptic anywhere and to build awareness of the new product of BETADINE, BETADINE Dry Powder Spray


  • • We build a simple game "Be Prepared And Play" about to stuff that we bring every day as a personification of our goals.
  • • To support the game and to reach a maximum number of people, we utilize FB ad and GDN
  • • To be more relevant and engage deeply, we push Influencer strategy to engage with more people. We chose the influencers based on a few categories such as Travel Influencers and Celebrity Sport Influencers


  • • More than 18 million Reach and 26 million impressions on social media
  • • More than two thousands participants


  • Retainer: Campaign & Activity Management
  • Production: Campaign Microsite
  • Retainer: KOL Management
  • Media: Placement & Implementation
  • Media: Production Materials
  • Prizes & Delivery Management
  • Retainer: Social Media
  • Strategy & Consultation