Diatabs (Digital Social Media)

This year New Diatabs focusing its digital content to boost up brand awareness. Besides crafting appealing visuals about culinary, what's new this year are we team up with influencers from New Diatabs target sales areas and Youtubers for build-in product efficacy. Since New Diatabs talk a lot about cuisine and culinary, we grow more on Instagram.


Gain brand awareness as an anti-diarrhea tablet


Be the reliable source for culinary inspiration through digital content and influencers, educate audience about how the product works through digital video


  • Post in Instagram got average post saved more than 300 times, with the highest number was 489 times 
  • Got 1.5x times higher impressions than 2018 
  • Start getting conversation from the audience about the product efficacy


  • Production: Content Photoshoot
  • Retainer: Campaign & Activity Management
  • Retainer: KOL Management
  • Retainer: Report & Performance Analysis
  • Retainer: Social Media
  • Retainer: Website (Content, Moderator, Technical, etc)
  • Strategy & Consultation

other projects


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