Diatabs x DHKH (Dari Halte Ke Halte)

The Diatabs has digital communication that is MakanAjalahya, which emphasizes the message that the audience doesn't have to worry about getting diarrhea when trying any food. Therefore, we want to build awareness about diarrhea and how Diatabs gives the best solution as a diarrhea reliever through collaborates with communities, one of which is the Dari Halte Ke Halte community.


Gain brand awareness as anti-diarrhea tablet


Be a reliable source for culinary inspiration and educate the audience about how the product works through Instagram Live with the community


Gain more than 300,000 total Impression on Instagram


  • Retainer: Campaign & Activity Management
  • Retainer: KOL Management
  • Media: Production Materials
  • Retainer: Social Media
  • Strategy & Consultation
  • Retainer: Website (Content, Moderator, Technical, etc)
  • Production: Content, KV Photoshoot, etc
  • Retainer: Report & Performance Analysis
  • Media: KOL Management (Analytics & Reporting)

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