Ungkapan Manis

Speaking of caramel candy, people are immediately drawn to Alpenliebe. We initiate an integration campaigns through social media and microsite. In this microsite, we will let users create a unique greeting card by using a template that we have provided and decorated with a sticker. Our audience loves to customize their greeting cards to their loved ones.


  • Raise awareness about Alpenliebe candy and our Ungkapan Manis Alpenliebe Campaign.


  • • Create relevant and creative content on social media related to our communication and campaign
  • • Build an easy to navigate UI UX to create greeting cards.


  • In just 4 weeks, we gain more than 4.000 submission on Ungkapan Manis Alpenliebe microsite.


  • Retainer: Campaign & Activity Management
  • Production: Campaign Microsite
  • Media: Production Materials
  • Retainer: Social Media
  • Others: Special Hampers Creation as Prizes
  • Strategy & Consultation
  • Production: Content, KV Photoshoot, etc