Frisian Flag Indonesia (Akademi Keluarga Prima)

To reduce the number of stunting cases in Indonesia, Frisian Flag Indonesia has re-launched and repositioned the Ibu dan Balita website and introduced the "Akademi Keluarga Prima" program to help families track their children's development through technology and increase nutritional literacy. However, the biggest challenge is to effectively assist Indonesian families with diverse geographical access and academic backgrounds to become aware of the problem and prevent stunting, as 27.7% of Indonesian children were affected by stunting as of 2019 data. This presents a significant difficulty in finding an equal solution for all.


Our goal is to combat and reduce the number of stunting cases in Indonesia through the re-launch and repositioning of the Ibu dan Balita website and the implementation of the "Akademi Keluarga Prima" program. The goal is to assist families in tracking their children's development and increasing nutritional literacy, with a focus on addressing the long-standing problem of stunting, which affects a significant percentage of Indonesian children.


The campaign is centered around creating a comprehensive solution for parenting by providing accessible and user-friendly tools to track a child's development. The tools, including the "Kamus Kehamilan" (Dictionary of Pregnancy), "Rapor Tumbuh Kembang Prima or Posyandu" (Integrated Health Post), "Child Emotional Development Monitoring" (Emo Meter), "Kalkulator Gizi" (Nutrition Calculator), and "Parenting Style Test", are designed to provide information on health, nutrition, emotional development, and parenting skills. The campaign's approach is to provide an interactive and directive user experience through the "Ibu dan Balita" website, which is accessible and easily spread to remote areas.

To deliver a successful launch of the 'Ibu dan Balita' website, the following steps were taken:

  • The user experience was simplified for the primary target audience, mothers who may have limited time, with an assertive communication style and quicker registration process.
  • Reliable sources, including child psychologists and nutritionists, were consulted to develop tools based on audience needs and promote family growth.
  • A CRM strategy was developed, using WhatsApp as the primary touchpoint, to approach the target audience monthly with educational content.
  • The launch was supported by well-known Indonesian parents "Baim & Paula" through their daily videos on YouTube and Instagram.
  • The strategy was managed with strict deadlines and budgeting, with weekly reviews of the overall operations to ensure a successful campaign launch.
  • The UX journey was made seamless by introducing touchpoints on all pages, customized based on user status, to provide tailored information.


With the goals to educate and raise awareness to minimize stunting. We determine the success rate from this result;

  1. We accomplished an increase of 670% in website registrant numbers over the course of six months, as measured by the total number of registrants before and after the program was enrolled. 
  2. Conversion rate is increasing to 10.24%, exceeds 171% from targeted KPI 
  3. We also assisted more than 1 K audiences, as indicated by the number of unique users who frequently interact. 
  4. Lastly, we successfully reduced bounce rate percentage to 31.88%, which shows that we successfully piqued the interest of our audience.

All of the accomplishments successfully add value to Frisian Flag Indonesia as a partner in the socialisation of stunting issues, as a partner in the journey of the Indonesian family's golden age growth, and as a partner in creating a highly engaging brand with a target audience.


  • Strategy & Consultation
  • Production: Website
  • Retainer: Website (Content, Moderator, Technical, etc)
  • Retainer: Report & Performance Analysis
  • Retainer: CRM

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