Natur-E is a well known beauty product in Indonesia and has good engagement and awareness among our target market. Our digital objectives are to increase consideration toward Natur-E all variant, create path of purchase in digital, and strengthen our emotional benefit by highlighting the story of "Natural Inside-out beauty".

One of our main task is to build Natur-E ecosystem and life sycle through our 3 segments TA. We build a deep story to touch and be relevant to our 3 segments by building cotinues story. Women have different problem in their phase of life and have their own way to solve it. So is the skin that needs different treatment in every stage of age. To deliver the message of beauty journey, Natur-E made web series that tell the story about woman life phase.

We build multiple activity and campaign to support our strategy.


  • Delivering the understanding of "Beauty Inside Out" to our loyal TA
  • Drive deeper engagement upon 3 segments of Natur-E


  • Emphasizes "Beauty Inside Out" message throughout our video and webisode
  • Aiming specific target and creative on our media strategy


  • Hit more than 3 million views and counting with more than 40% retention
  • Gain strong top of mind and WOM around our targeted TA
  • Seeing that Vanesha Prescilla whom also a new upcoming actress had new movie about to launch, we strategically using this moment to launch the video. The result was so overwhelming where we gained 924,038 video views (254% bigger from the target) with 34.6% retention.
  • Collaboration with the other brand ambassador, Nadine Alexandra also brought in good impact to the brand. This collaboration were to boost awareness for new product launch where we exceed our target by 161% with 732,254 video views and 41.1% retention


  • Strategy & Consultation
  • Campaign Microsite Production
  • Media Production
  • Article Production
  • Activity & Campaign Management
  • Social Media Retainer
  • Expert Retainer Management
  • Media Placement & Implementation
  • Prizes & Delivery
  • Video Webseries Production
  • Report & Analysis