p&g delight me - delightful holiday sticker

Delight Me is a community by P&G representing Pantene and Downy in LINE Official Account. Approacing young millenials who use LINE as their messenger platform, we try to meet the objective of the campaign which is to make the brands relevant in the way their consumers communicate nowadays.


  • Grab new friends and donwload of stickers
  • Gain consumer insight for optimization and future use


  • Most of LINE users are addicted to stickers usage so we approach them to become our friends by launching LINE Stickers during festive season (Ramadan and Christmas & Holiday season)
  • To gather more insightful content from our users, we have done some survey and it consists of several question about their lifestyle and habit related to the product. From the insight that we’ve gathered, we can make more relevant content for the followers. And also useful for brand’s marketing research.


  • Our 3 series of seasonal stickers is a hit with more than 3.2 million total download and used over 14 million times
  • Added more than 1.1 million new friends in a year
  • Hit more than 260,000 completed survey as insight


  • Strategy & Consultation
  • Analytics Tools Production
  • Sticker Production
  • Activity & Campaign Management
  • Social Media Retainer
  • Technical Retainer
  • Report & Analysis